DIY Hammock Half Bug Net (HUG) Instructions

I had someone ask me today where they could find my instructions for making the hammock half bug net, or “HUG” as I called it back in 2010. I’ve republishing them here for reference with the caveat that I’ve improved on the design, which will be published in my upcoming book, The Ultimate Hang 2. Stay tuned!


Why use the HUG?

Let me be absolutely clear: the hammock half bug net is not for the faint of heart. It was designed for minimalist DIY-ers who want to maximize weight loss and minimize pack bulk. The HUG is a compromised bug shelter that is only effective when used with a pad or under quilt and a sleeping bag or top quilt. Full bug protection comes when the body is covered by the insulation in conjunction with the HUG.

Additional weight savings can be made by trimming the sides to better follow the contour of the hammock. Sewing the netting to a hammock can further save weight and make it more secure.

Variations on the HUG


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