DIY Hammock Half Bug Net (HUG) Instructions

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6 Responses

  1. Danny says:

    Derek, I’ve made a couple of your HUG bugnets and have really liked the easy entry and exit. However, I just made an 11′ Hexon 1.6 wide from Dutchware fabric and the HUG is too short on the head side of my hammock leaving a gap. I’m thinking that it has to do with the increased structural ridgeline height above the hammock with the 11′ hammock. Any design change suggestions to make it work?

  2. Kevin T. says:

    I’d remembered seeing this Half-Net on your site and came back to find it again. Me thinks it might work will in Minnesota where we have bugs AND cold weather at the same time, when used with a Cocoon style surround quilt?

    • dejoha says:

      A cocoon-style should work fine. It will constrict a lot, which may affect the way the netting drapes. I’ve not tested that scenario, but give it a try and let me know!

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