First Look – Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free and XL Rain Fly

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2 Responses

  1. Laurie says:

    Can you flip this hammock and use it with out the bug net during the day? I’m comparing the ENO JungleNest and this hammock. Any suggestions of “must haves” for a first time user?

    • Derek says:

      The new version can unszip farther and the bug net can be pulled away. For a first time hanger, if your goal is camping not just lounging, you’ll want the bug net and a tarp. After that, it is essential to have good webbing straps to protect your hang point. I really like the daisy chain style for new hangers. The ENO Atlas straps and the Kammok Python straps are two good examples. Ticket to the Moon also has a nice daisy chain webbing/rope hybrid.

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