Hammock Camping in the Grand Canyon

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10 Responses

  1. Awesome post – you’re an incredible asset to the hammock camping community Derek, keep it up!

  2. esku75 says:

    Nice report, I saw Paul’s report too on HF, I’m from Spain and Grand Canyon is dreamt trip for me. I hope one day I’ll be able to go there and now I now it’s hammock able maybe not the best but who knows in a near future it would become better for us (hangers) with your contribution and help training rangers in hammock knowledge ;) thx

    • Derek says:

      Thanks! Yes, I’m hopeful we can be the catalyst for improvements in the canyon. Who knows what the future may hold!

  3. Anthony says:

    Hello Derek. I just discovered your incredible site! A group of friends and I have been camping at the Bright Angel Campground every November for the last five years. We usually sleep under the stars (no tents/hammocks) but after a nasty storm in 2011 we all decided to bring shelters. Last year was the first year we have not secured the rock house. I had went out on a limb and brounght my ENO Double Nest. We had the other group site and I was thankful to be able to use the backpack posts. I lucked out despite being new to hammock camping.

    Thanks for your efforts to work with the park staff! I think this would be great if they added stands down there.

    Doing the Hermit-Boucher Trail Loop in two weeks. Not sure if can source a Handy Hammock Stand in time for this one though. Great write-up!

    • Derek says:

      Yes, you are lucky! Those backpack posts are perfect for a hammock, maybe two in a pinch. It will be great if we can get some support to get hammock posts in all the sites at Bright Angel.

  4. Mike Kinging says:

    Nice guys for the post and info. I’m going in Feb for 5 nights to the canyon and will be hanging wherever possible and bivy style with hiking poles where not. I hope to keep promoting hammocks with any rangers I see as well.

  5. Rusty says:

    Hello Derek. I just discovered your incredible web site also! I’m planning a backpacking trip to Grand Canyon for 2016 in early March. I would love to hammock there too. Would you mind if I pick your brain while getting these plans nailed down?

  6. Mike King says:

    Rusty and Derek… I did 5 nights by hammock at the end of Feb this year, it was an awesome trip. One night at bright angel I had hammock on the ground with my poles to hold open a bivy style. Unfortunately that night poured and water pooled underneath me. Still stayed dry but wish I was hanging. I was able to hang using a piknic table in one of the multi level sites up at cottonwood and then came back to bright angle. Got to hang in one site from the rocks (was a bit of a outcrop on each side). Then 2 nights at indian gardens was perfect for hammocks as the new pack hangs make it easy to sling from the pack hang to the covered table at each site. Not all work, but look around the sites, if you have some selection you should easily find one that works well.

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