I’ve been mulling this over for a few days and I’ve decided to publish it as a motivator for myself. I figure that I can accomplish my resolutions (e.g., lose weight, spend more quality time with family, de-stress, get out more, etc.) with a little more backpacking and hammock camping. After all, research shows that getting more time outdoors and in nature helps boost creativity along with a slew of physical and mental benefits. My regular job demands a lot of creative output, so I am always up for a metal pick-me-up.

This isn’t my entire life list, but it does represent a list of places I’d like to hammock camp in 2013. Let’s see how this year unfolds, shall we?



My wife completed this backpacking trip last year and I was so envious. She’s promised that we’ll hike Havasupai in 2013 with the kids, and I’m going to hold her to it. Havasupai is known for it’s blue-green waterfalls and travertine deposits, and it’s also hammock friendly.

Grand Canyon

Indian Garden Campground Bright-Angel-Campground

There’s a dirty myth floating around that says you can’t hang a hammock below the rim (there are plenty of trees above the rim, if you’re curious). I’m already planning a trip in February and preliminary evidence shows plenty of trees in the established campgrounds such as Indian Garden and Phantom Ranch, the question is making sure hammock camping is permitted. On a river trip this year I hung my hammock on the bank in some tamarisk, which was fun. Some of the rangers we’ve spoken with are okay with hammocks, others have been mediocre. I’m going to bring the Handy Hammock stand with me just in case, but the first plan is the hang on available supports at approved campgrounds/spots.

Wet Beaver Creek

Wet Beaver Creek - The Crack

Red rocks, slot canyons, and water? What isn’t there to love about Wet Beaver Creek? Trees are abundant, and so will be the swimming. Dry bags are a must.

Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon

I’ve completed portions of the rim trail, but I really want to do the full thing. Sycamore Canyon is breathtaking and a “grand” canyon in its own right.

Paria Canyon

River Bend, Paria Canyon

I’ve driven past the trailhead for this hike dozens of times without realizing that this hidden gem even exists. This side canyon begins in Utah in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area and empties into the Grand Canyon right by Lee’s Ferry.

Coyote Gulch

Coyote-Gulch-Canyon Coyote-Natural-Bridge

More remote than most, so transportation will be my biggest hang-up for this trip. Ever trip report I read complains about the washboard roads and the importance of high-clearance vehicles. Trees and arches abound.

So, what’s on your list for 2013? Leave a comment and maybe a link to the trail.