December 12, 2012

Hoo-Rag Multi-function Head Gear Review

I’ve been using the Hoo-Rag for a few weeks now, but I’ve been using a similar product for years (the Buff) , and I love them. The Hoo-Rag multi-function head gear is useful beyond the easy-on neck warmer: you can bend and twist the microfiber fabric into beanies, balaclavas, head bands, and more. At only 1 oz (28 g), I often carry a couple in my pack, especially as the temperatures cool.

The Hoo-Rag is a multi-function head gear made from a blended fabric. The seamless tube of fabric measures approximately 10 × 19 in (25.5 × 48.25 cm) but has a generous stretch to fit over all kinds of body types.

I highly recommend this head gear, and I’d like to thank Hoo-Rag for sending me a sample to test!

Disclaimer: The author (Derek Hansen) was provided with a free sample of the Hoo-Rag from the manufacturer for testing and evaluation purposes. 


  • Dan Mahoney

    One of the best reviews ever!!!

    Reply to Dan Mahoney
    • Post authorDerek

      Thanks Dan!

      Reply to Derek
  • Just Your Average Hiker

    I agree with Dan… love the applications I haven’t tried with the Hoo-Rag competitor version… I think I’ll rock the ascot tonight! So much more useful than the sling.

    Reply to Just Your Average Hiker
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  • ScoutmasterTM

    Would love to see a BSA design on this to get my scouts interested in wearing one.

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  • Peter

    Warning: The vendor’s site is almost unusable, it’s so “tricksy”. It takes awhile to actually find the sub-zero hoo-rag.

    Also, it’s full of psudo-patria “Americah” crap that you have to wade through, too. (If you have to pledge to it, or wear it on your sleeve, do you really believe it?)

    Reply to Peter

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