Hennessy Hyperlite Hammock Asym Zip Review

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  1. vance thomas says:

    Derek, do you have a video of you tying a Hennessy with the Becket knot?

  2. Mark says:

    Tom Hennessey is an ultralight hiker and I suspect the stock flies are tiny for that reason. It’s also certainly easier to leave the fly attached to the suspension with only two side tieouts. (The do look sharp!) Hennessey is, of course, quite willing to allow upgrading to a larger tarp or skipping it if you prefer something else. I agree the hammock tieouts could be closer to the suspension as I have issues with the bug net brushing against the left side of my face since I am aware mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. I intend to use that double slippery Becket Hitch on a Scout we got for gear stowage but on the Explorers my wife and I sleep in, I couldn’t resist switching to whoopie slings and wiregate climbing carabiners for quick and easy attachment and adjustment. Snakeskins are great for helping to keep the hammock off the ground during setup and takedown. I just wish Hennessey would stop showing their products with taunt suspensions instead of hanging them at thirty degrees!

    • Derek says:

      Good points! Yes, the asym tarps do appeal to the light crowd. I agree that the hammock should be hung about 30 degrees for an optimal performance. This also allows a tarp to be attached to the suspension without going saggy.

    • Derek says:

      I think the Scout model uses the thicker rope. If so, a single becket hitch will hold fine on the webbing.

  3. Alex says:

    You mention that the HH Hyperlite is one of the lightest jungle hammocks. What is the lightest jungle hammock?

  4. Alex says:

    Cool, thanks!

  5. Vernon says:

    If you were to reverse the pullouts (since the cut is rectangular), could you effectively transform the HH to a right side sleeper…..Oh, and I guess change the Fly to a cat style. My HH is the bottom entry so the zipper side wouldn’t be a problem. I brought up the idea of a mirror engineered model to HH right after purchasing mine, but they said they had never heard of such a thing….(I am a right side sleeper). Warbonnet on the other hand said “no problem we do it all the time, just mention you want a mirror image model in the comments area before check-out”……. You’d think HH would just move the pullouts and sell you a mirror cut fly (for an additional fee of course).

  6. Neruda says:

    I have the HH scout and my children love it. I also own hammocks from other companies. Hennessey makes great stuff but they’re biggest stroke of genius maybe how they have successfully marketed the explorer with REI contracts etc.

    I see them as a company that keeps coming up with variations to they’re one asym home run innovation. It’s been working so good for them.

  7. Kim says:

    sky bliss bug free vs HH asym – your choice?

    • Derek says:

      Probably the Hennessy. The all in one kit provides everything you need. But, the pad option in the sky bed does help flatten the hammock and is a good option if you want to use a pad.

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