I used this tube bug net on my 2008 traverse around Mount Timpanogos. The hammock is the Grand Trunk Ultralight under an OES MacCat tarp. The white strings are extra and are used for ground set-ups.

I originally drew this illustration back in 20081 after making a hammock and bivy-style bug net from an inexpensive Mombasa bug net (or similar cot-style mosquito net). This project was an attempt at a low-cost, easy-to-make tube-style net that I could use both for lightweight backpacking with a tarp as well as hammock camping. It turned out to be a moderately-difficult project involving taking apart a cot-style bug net and then re-assembling the panels into a tube-style bug net.

At the time I made this bug net the Mombasa was only $11, which was less expensive than buying mosquito netting by the yard. Of course, you can make this style bug net very easily with no-see-um netting, just skip the disassembly section and purchase the netting to length. It is important to first measure your hammock ridge line to ensure the netting will be long enough to extend over the hammock. Add 12 in (30.5 cm) to the length and then double that for the total length of netting for your hammock. For example, if your hammock ridge line is 100 in (254 cm), the fabric length will need to be 224 in (569 cm).


  1. The revised instructions were posted to in 2010