ENO ProFly Review

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  1. sirrka says:

    I have an ENO ProFly and really like it, but the first thing I did was remove those awful stiff guy lines and replace them with Lash-it. Then the line locs didn’t work because the Lash-it was too thin…so I just ran it though the grosgrain loops. yay. It works now. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the guy lines that come with the tarp.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, I’m not a huge fan of the stiff guy lines. What size Lash-it did you use? The 2mm should work on those line locs, but the 1.75mm might be too thin.

  2. Bob says:

    Hi Derek, couple questions:

    1) In the photo featuring the hammock, what kind of tie-off did you use at the trees to achieve that V-shaped gap allowing the hammock’s Atlas suspension straps to feed through it?

    2) Once you’ve cinched the guy lines using the LineLoc, do you recommend a tie-off to keep it in place, like a double half-hitch?

    • Derek says:

      I believe i used the line loc provided by ENO. Each line is terminated by a tied loop that you hook over a stake.

      • Bob says:

        Thanks, yeah that part seems pretty straightforward. Was more interested in the end of the cord near the LineLoc, not the stake (for question #2). Wasn’t sure if the LineLoc alone was strong enough in a gust, or if you added a hitch to the slack cord near the LineLoc.

        For question #1, it’s about your ridgeline tie-offs. The LineLoc is great there too, but I was curious if you attached to the tree with a large bowline loop or some sort of biner that allowed your hammock’s suspension to jut through the tarp’s ridgeline tie-offs.

        Hope that clarifies my questions a bit.

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