Hammock Camping on Mount Timpanogos

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  1. JBC says:

    The Aspen Grove trail has a very steep section between Emerald Lake and the trail head. I am surprised that there was so much snow on the trail. If you hike the trail in late August or Early September there usually isn’t much snow left.

  2. JBC says:

    I don’t want to be a jerk but I have one minor detail to point out. The photograph above is of a Mountain Goat and not a bighorn sheep.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks, I wondered about that. We did see some big horn sheep, but the photo is not that.

      • JBC says:

        By the way……I bought the Kindle version of your book and just finished in this week. It was a great read and I look forward to getting out with my hammock for a good “hang.”

  3. Andrew says:

    Bwahahahah…. I’m so glad someone pointed out ‘that was a goat’….
    I’m downunder and we have some weird looking animals…. But I was lookin an lookin at that photo and thinkin …. Boy you guys sure have some funny lookin sheep over there…
    Bwahahaha…. Great little ditty… Loved it! Reminds me so much of when I was out on the trail with my boys….

  4. Great article, Thanks! Thinking of doing this exact trip this summer with a group of women. In August though… 🙂

  5. Baird Fullerton says:

    Made the Timpanooke hike to the summit several times over the years, and once over to the airplane wreck to the north. A great hike but a bit long for one day, especially if there is still snow. Wildflowers are absolutely incredible. I have wanted to camp at the green meadow for years – glad to read about your experience.

  6. Madeline says:

    Little question… How were the mosquitoes? Looking forward to this!

    • Derek says:

      Are you planning a backpacking/hammock trip on Timp! I’m eager to hear how you enjoy it! Mosquitos weren’t much of a problem when and where we went, but having a bug net is always nice.

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