How To Sleep In A Brazilian Hammock

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  1. Great work. I have been researching some information about hammock width this article was a lot of help. The model I was considering had three different widths (one was nearly 8′ wide) but the same length hammock as the more narrow ones. Guess its true what they say; “sometimes less is more”.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Derek says:

      I know ENO sells a few models that are all the same length but different widths. I wish they would make the wide ones longer as it would improve the overall design. All things considered, the narrower hammocks at that same width (ENO models) are the best deal since the extra fabric is wasted and just flaps in your face when you sleep.

  2. Adam Skinner says:

    I’m lying in a Brazilian hammock right now =) I think you’re right about having the correct ratio of length to width, but I also think this can be mitigated through the use of mini spreader bars, which mimic the geometry of a longer hammock.

    • Derek says:

      I’ve often wondered about mini spreader bars in gathered-end hammocks — not to duplicate a rope hammock, and certainly keep the signature deep sag, but to keep the side rails from going taut. I’ll have to give it a try.

  3. Lana says:

    Very useful instructions and tips. It helps me to answer questions which my costumers have when they buy hammocks in my store
    Often I just direct them to your website. Thank you.

  4. Geri says:

    so helpful on the Golden ratio!!! It should work fine :) if we only count the fabric dimensions, I guess, the rope shouldn’t really count, should it?

    • Derek says:

      If you’re talking about the suspension, than yes. Some hammocks use nettles that should be considered part of the overall length.

  5. tigermomma says:

    Thank you for your article! I’m trying to figure out how wide the hammock needs to take advantage of the diagonal lie. The hammock I’m looking at is 9′ 10″ Long x 4′ 7″ Wide and I’m 5’5”. Wondering if it’s too narrow. Thank you!

  6. H says:

    Hello Derek. I’m hoping to get a custom small mayan made for my 5’1″ frame and was wondering about width/length. Found your website amidst my searching. A typical “single” mayan body looks to be ~3′ wide x ~6′ long with a total length of ~13′. Any suggestions for me? Don’t know how diagonal I can get with 3′ and seems like much of the length would be wasted on me. Happy hanging!

    • Derek says:

      That is a good starting point. If you’ve slept in a Mayan hammock you’ll better understand how they stretch and lay. Hammock Rada has some inexpensive Mayan hammocks if you want to try and not invest much.

      • H says:

        Have you played around with the length much? How short lengthwise do you feel comfortable in? I’ve lounged in a friend’s Mayan before but his was on the much larger scale. Just looking for something comfortable enough and compact.

  7. James Baker says:

    I’m 6’2″ any suggestions on length width hang angle

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