Last, but not least in this DutchWare series is the Whoopie Hook. When Dutch first sent me a pair of these hooks to review for the illustration, I was confused on how to use them. This is because Dutch re-imagined how to use the familiar Whoopie Sling: instead of attaching the fixed eye to the hammock it is secured to the tree webbing. This means that the adjustable end of the Whoopie Sling is toward the hammock.

Once I got straightened out, the concept works great. The Whoopie Hook is threaded into the adjustable end of the Whoopie Sling and does double duty as a stopper bead. The hammock must be configured with an end rope or continuous loop where the hook can attach. I should mention that the Whoopie Hook is designed to be used with 7/64″ Amsteel Blue line, both for the Whoopie Sling and for the loop that is attached to the hammock. Anything larger will not work. Smaller line, like Dynaglide, will work, but even with the larger Amsteel, be sure to inspect the line for abrasion before any hang.