DD Hammock Quilt Review

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  1. Todd Foster says:

    This is great. What I’ve been waiting for. Need lighter insulation for when my heavier down Peapod is too much. I’m using simple hammock with no netting and rarely string up fly.

    I carry Montane down liner top and pants as only insulated clothing in warmer seasons which will serve as needed in hammock with this quilt. I’ve also had good luck with thin black silk top and bottom from Campmor worn in hammock. Adds a boundary layer of next to skin draft resistance. Often just right for me. Suggest one size over for these.

  2. Ed Persky says:

    You are speaking to a U.S. audience or at least you are from the U.S. When you give weight and dimensions you convert the measurements into U.S. since you realize that we are dummies and do not think in grams or centimeters. What in the Fxgt is F45. as a price. Is that English pounds, Chinese currency, a Euro or what? The price of something is among the biggest consideration when looking at purchasing an item. Not having a clue of the price kind of makes everything else irrelevant.

    • Derek says:

      Hmm. Sorry about that. The font must be in error. The “F” you see is the British Pound symbol. I debated whether to convert to US Dollars but since the market changes daily I worried folks would complain about it. Seems like I lost either way 🙂 I’ll go back and add the U.S. dollar amount.

  3. elderr2 says:

    Thanks for the review I have been looking at some of the DD products and this is useful. Out of curiosity what brand of hammock is in the pictures in the review? I have been “homebrewing” all my hammocks so far, and I am curious what material etc was used. I am planning to make a couple of making a couple of this week to take my children camping.

  4. Jason says:

    You don’t seem to be using the under quilt in combination with the top quilt? Compressing the insulation of the top quilt under you between you and the hammock makes it worthless for holding warmth. The reported temp rating is for when it is used in combination with their under quilt. You should have just bought that, and used your regular sleeping bag unzipped on top of you. You would have been warm in to freezing temps for sure.

    • Derek says:

      Jason, I did use an under quilt when I tested this bag. The simple truth is that this is a thinly insulated top quilt. Don’t get me wrong, it is well made and good quality, it is just thin–similar to other summer rated top quilts I own. I tested this quilt multiple times with some of my warmest under quilts, and I was warm under me, but the DD top quilt wasn’t enough above. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about how my test was conducted. I’m going to review and append this post to clarify if needed.

      Here are a few more specifics:

      Laid flat, this quilt is barely pushing an inch thick for a single layer. That’s thin for a bag that is intended for freezing temps. Most manufacturers use loft as an indicator of temperature ratings with their respective inches of loft:
      Comfort Rating (°F) = Loft (inches)
      40° = 1.5
      30° = 2.0
      20° = 2.5
      10° = 3.25
      0° = 4.0

      Staying warm is not as simple as having a thick sleeping bag, I recognize. A persons metabolism, fatigue level, hydration, mental state, and clothing all factor in. In fact, I also find that I sleep warmer in a down-filled bag than a synthetic bag of equal thickness. I think down is just a more efficient insulator.

      I tried to be as transparent as possible in this review to detail these factors and conduct multiple tests to see if I could use this bag in freezing temps and I cannot, not with additional clothing layers and another sleeping bag.

      I’ve tested a lot of sleeping bags and quilts and this bag just doesn’t compare in loft and warmth to other bags that keep me warm to freezing.

      Maybe I got a defective bag? Maybe the insulation loft is supposed to be thicker? I’d love to read other reviews to compare. I will also take a cross section photo to show the loft if it helps.

      The bottom line is that I don’t want to misrepresent my experience and lead folks astray.

      I really like the DD gear. It is a great value and quality. I’m also being honest with my experience.

    • Derek says:

      The photo used in this review is a staged photo, which is why no under quilt is shown with the DD top quilt I was testing. I do have some trip photos that show a little of the top quilt but nothing that was good enough as my main image. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Brendan says:

    How compact do it fold down?

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