Review – iSpecle Camping Hammock

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8 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    Sounds like an inexpensive version of a Clark.

  2. Ryan says:

    Have you tried pahaque bridge hammocks?

  3. I really like hammocks when camping. This hammock seems average, but I wouldn’t mind using it.

  4. Jesse Taylor says:

    I somehow ended up with one of these. I’m just getting my boy into backpacking and have been looking at putting a bug net on his hammock when we were given one of these. After a couple uses I found a number of other issues with it. I’ll be replacing the suspension, putting in a ridgeline, some tie-outs, and a few other things. The bars that keep the bugnet up off your face need some work. The snaps are a bit of a joke and wear out quickly, but with some work and some MYOG knowhow, it’s not bad.

    For almost $70 I can make something much better, but not having to buy one is a good head start. Would I spend $67 on it? Not a chance.

  5. I’m quite new to the concept of using a hammock instead of a traditional tent. What happens in bad or wet weather where one is used to go sit inside the tent while waiting for the bad weather to clear? I guess in a hammock that is still possible but then would probably need to be sleeping to not go crazy, right?

    • dejoha says:

      I guess it all depends on conditions. Tents are notoriously cramped, and sitting out a storm can be just as problematic. With a hammock, your shelter would be a tarp, and depending on the size (something you can customize to fit your needs) you can have a palace of space to move about in, with friends! You can pitch the tarp high enough so you can walk around under the tarp, or snug it close for as much privacy and protection as needed. Another advantage of a hammock in a storm is that your hammock can convert into a lounger or chair so you can hang out in style, not balled up or cramped up like in a tent. Yes, you can lay down in a hammock, but most hammocks today have zippered bug nets so you can open them up and get more utility from them. And if you happen to be camping in a campground that floods when it rains, why would you want to be in a tent? Stay above the rising tide in your hammock and wade out the storm.

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