Maverick Gear Hammock Review

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10 Responses

  1. rexjc says:

    Fantastic Review! Thanks For Sharing!

  2. Jeff says:

    Very detailed review

  3. Jim says:

    This hammock reminds me of the hammocks in this picture

  4. chrisd says:

    Hi Derek.

    Great review as always. I contacted the makers of this hammock before your review to ask about its strength and structure without using the frame. They list the weights out separately on the site and encouraged frameless use for backpackers who want the lighter weight (it’s a 3.3lb savings). I’m curious about this option. Could you try it out without the frame and report back? The biggest advantage would be if the main rectangular compartment kept its shape fairly well with only a sleeping pad. I’d order this tomorrow if it did.

    Along the same lines, do you know of any other hammocks with this boxy bathtub style instead of the typical catenary structure? I really want a hammock I can lay on my stomach or side comfortably and use a warm sleeping pad instead in most conditions instead of an underquilt.

    Thanks so much.

    • Derek says:

      Chris, yes, I did try this hammock without the frame but it looks like I didn’t mention the results. I’ll go back and append the review.

      In short, I didn’t like it because of the tight shoulder squeeze. This is because the spreader bars aren’t that wide. If you are looking for a bridge-style hammock you can take backpacking, there are three other options that I would recommend above the Maverick due to weight and bulk considerations (Jacks R Better Bear Mountain, Warbonnet Ridge Runner, and Eureka! Chrysalis). All of the bridge hammocks I’ve reviewed allow you to sleep on your side and stomach. The maverick hammock, with the frame, is the most supportive when stomach sleeping than the others.

  5. chrisd says:

    Thanks Derek. That’s helpful. I’ve seen your reviews of the other 3 bridge hammocks and was hoping the “canoe” design would allow less shoulder squeeze. I think of everything I’ve seen, I might go with the Bear Mountain. Thanks for the advice.

    • Derek says:

      If you use the Maverick with the frame, there is absolutely no shoulder squeeze. It is super flat. The downside is that it is heavy and bulky. The bridge hammocks with the least shoulder squeeze are the Chrysalis and the Ridgerunner.

  6. Chad Klinger says:

    best hammock for sleep quality ever, period!! It could be the best hammock out there hands down, but I’d like to see a couple improvements like head or foot entry like the old sipper-less Hennessy hammocks. that would fix the zipper issue when tensioned. Also use lighter materials to get weight down. That being said I’d choose this hammock over all my others if I had to choose one!!! I should do a video review on this at some point.

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