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If you’re looking for a concise resource for all things hammock camping, you might be interested in my book, The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping. I’ve collected the most up-to-date methods, techniques, and how-to guides on getting the most out of hammock camping. Save yourself hours of searching the web!

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This blog is an extension of my book where I publish reviews, do some experimenting, and publish working illustrations to keep current with what’s new.


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  1. June Grabemeyer says:

    I got the book and it is wonderful. I got a hammock and just mucked along my first outing; now after reading and using information my last two trips were so…. much better. This is truly a wonderful guide and I give it 5 stars. If you hammock or plan to hammock, buy this book!

  2. Phil Gilbert says:

    When do you think the 2nd edition, hardcopy and electronic versions, will go on sale?

  3. Paul says:

    Have you got a firmer date for the second edition?
    (or is it like a Dutch – 2 weeks, LOL?)

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