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Hennessy Hammock Announces 3 Jungle Models

Safari Deluxe Zip with XL Bubble Pad
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Hennessy Hammock recently announced the release of three new hammocks to fill their product line:

Hennessy’s “jungle” models all feature double-layer bottoms, where insulating pads can be sandwiched when it’s cold. Double-layer hammocks also provide an extra physical barrier against biting insects, although treating the fabric with Permethrin is a recommended solution for all hammocks. Double-layer hammocks have become fairly popular over the past few years, so it comes as no surprise that Hennessy is jumping on that trend, just like they did (reluctantly) with zippered bug netting.

Hennessy has taken some of their entry level models and added double layers to provide this option at a more affordable price than the Deep Jungle hammock.

5 thoughts on “Hennessy Hammock Announces 3 Jungle Models”

  1. Thinking about getting my first hammock… Eno jungle nest versusthe hennessey jungle expedition. Which would you recommend I also have a young son in scouts which I like to go camping with as a assistant leader also do some kayak camping.and I’m interested to hear what you recommend on and under quilt not usually camping below 30°

    1. The Hennessy is a more complete kit, with included tarp and webbing straps. You’ll have to look at the JungleLink system for a more complete comparison. I recommend you look at the objective data to help narrow your choice. Do you care about weight or bulk for any of these trips? These two systems use different suspension systems, while they can be modified, may make a difference if you’re looking at indirect costs. The JungleNest requires a little more fiddling to keep the bug net at bay, whereas the Hennessy has a more rigid internal structure, along with the internal organization pockets (the ENO uses the storage pocket, but it is not accessible if the bug net is zipped).

      I would look at the synthetic under quilts for insulation if you are cost conscious. Those from Arrowhead Equipment are great and work well at those temperatures.

  2. Just when i had my search narrowed down to one of the warbonnet models I see this :s Looks like for the same price I can get the hennessy with everything I need. Is quality between the companies comparable? Any differences in their design I should know about?

    1. Quality on the Hennessy is top notch. The stock asym tarp feels small to some people but I don’t mind it. The Warbonnet is larger and roomier inside. I think you can get a bit flatter lay in the Warbonnet.

      1. HH: The Safari Jungle Zip is deeper, wider and more comfortable for taller, larger people. A double layer of 40 D nylon makes this model more mosquito resistant and also accommodates the Radiant Reflector Pad XL for cooler temperatures. This model has a side entrance, strong # 10 zipper and double wide 70 D hex fly.

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