1. I could see this if you were stuck overnight due to a flight cancellation.
    He’s asking for trouble by not having his straps choked around the columns though.

  2. I have pictures of me in a Yukon Outfitters double in O’Hare too – it didn’t last long until someone called the authorities on me. However, I always bring it with me on trips, ever since I got overnighted in MSP, of all places. I’l know to go down to F2 to find the poles now…

  3. I’ve found some pretty nice places outside the airport as well; I had a long wait at IAD (Dulles), waiting for my wife to come. I walked a bit to an employee parking lot with lots of good trees around, and spend the better part of the wait there (it rained on my parade, and I don’t carry a tarp while traveling).

    By the way, the place I found in O’Hare was at gate B18, which had two metal columns right by the windows, and crossed no seats. It was a nice 45 mins…

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