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The Ultimate Hang Second Edition Now Available

The Ultimate Hang 2

Second Edition  Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that the second edition of The Ultimate Hang: Hammock Camping Illustrated, is now available in digital and paperback formats.

About The Ultimate Hang 2

What’s New

This edition has been completely re-written with all-new sections on hammock FAQs and basics for new hangers, an expanded advanced section for veterans, plus a DIY section to get you started making your own hammock-related gear. The book is a whopping 344 pages littered with hundreds of illustrations and tips you won’t find in the first edition.

Throughout the book you’ll also find tables and charts comparing hammocks and gear to help make decisions a little easier.

The Ultimate Hang 2 covers everything from suspension systems, hammock stands, staying dry, warm, and bug free, along with setting up hammocks indoors. It builds on and expands what was in the first edition but in a more methodical format. A handy reference and index in the appendix makes finding resources much easier.

All the best tips and techniques on hammock camping in one place. Stop searching and start relaxing! I hope you will enjoy this edition!

Throughout the book are numbered tips, many that are illustrated for clarity.

I already have the first edition, should I get the second?

In a word, yes! The second edition doesn’t just update the first edition, it has been completely overhauled and expanded from the ground up.

When I first published The Ultimate Hang, I fully intended on keeping it incrementally up-to-date. But as the years have past and hammock adoption grew, I found that the first edition format just didn’t keep pace. If the first edition was a treatise on hammocks, the second edition is the encyclopedia. But I didn’t just randomly throw everything into the second edition. Over the past five years, I’ve reviewed dozens of hammocks of all different styles and designs. I’ve done more research and filtered through feedback and questions. I’ve also done a lot of my own experimenting, building, and testing. I’ve tried my best to stuff as much of this information into the second edition and in a way that makes the book as relevant as possible.

In other words, I spent a lot of time in hammocks 🙂

The book is HUGE! Why make it so big?

I’m a visual learner and I always wanted the book to be as visual as possible. The first edition was constrained by the traditional 6×9 format. Even then, I found that it was difficult to illustrate some techniques and I had to make a lot of compromises. For the second edition, I spent months mocking up different sizes and formats trying to find a format that would not only allow for a wider canvas, but also feel “right” when held.

Those who have followed me on Facebook may remember that midway through designing the book I had to make a significant format change. Once I mapped out the book and got a better idea of the total size, I hit a crossroads. The custom format and colors I wanted to use at that page count would mean a significant price increase for the book. I could either work with a traditional publisher, maybe even crowdsource the funding, or change the format using a standard print size. Ultimately, I opted for a larger but standard print format that, ironically, cost less in the long run.

The new format meant going back to the beginning of the book and changing dozens of illustrations. It literally took years to finish the book, but overall I am satisfied I made a good compromise to make the book as affordable as possible while also aligning with my vision. Those familiar with book design will appreciate the wider margins and white space (within limits!). I tried to fill up every nook and cranny with helpful and inspiring illustrations.

Thank you for your support!

I couldn’t have completed this book without the help of a lot of people, but I’ll leave the acknowledgements for the book. However, I do want to thank YOU, my friends and fellow hammock hangers, for all your support and encouragement over the years. It’s been a fun ride! I hope you enjoy the second edition!


23 thoughts on “The Ultimate Hang Second Edition Now Available”

    1. The printed book is black and white. I think the paperback is easier to reference, but the biggest thing for me is the visual layout. The kindle format didn’t allow for the kind of complex layout I had designed so the flow is different visually. The kindle images should be large enough that you can zoom in a lot more than the first version.

    1. It’s just temporary. I made a few updates to the text (minor corrections) and uploaded a new master file to the publisher. During that time, Amazon makes the book unavailable. It should be back up within 24-hours.

  1. Derek,
    Wanted to buy this for my kindle app> At the Amazon site when I click the Kindle edition it takes me to the old edition.
    When I click the digital link from this site it takes me to Kindle Unlimited.
    Is there just the straight Kindle edition for book 2, with paying for kindle unlimited?

        1. Thanks for the update. I’ll see what I can discover with Amazon. Honestly, it’s a mixed bag: as the #1 online retailer, it’s impossible not to leverage their reach, but they are not the easiest to work with.

          1. Update, I was looking at kindle books, I was able to find the printed book when I searched by author instead of name for some reason. It just arrived today. I was absolutely amazed by all of the new material A completely different book. Great work!!

    1. Update, I was looking at kindle books, I was able to find the printed book when I searched by author instead of name for some reason. It just arrived today. I was absolutely amazed by all of the new material A completely different book. Great work!!

    2. Using kindle on the PC or Android there are location references to time remaining and location but not page numbers. You have referenced pages in the body of the text that are therefore not usable. Did the Kindle version that you created include page references?
      A Google search about Kindle page numbers references options that aren’t available for me in your e-book.

      If not, then I’ll dump Kindle and order the book. The information is great but the Kindle interface sucks.

      1. The kindle book takes the text and images from the print version and there are artifacts like references to page numbers that point to the print edition. Because of the way kindle handles pagination it’s impossible to reference locations in the kindle but I thought that leaving them in would be helpful for those who have both and use the kindle but reference the print.

        1. thanks for the quick response. I am ordering the hardbound this evening. You’ve created a solid reference. I was trying to follow the page references in order to find out your thoughts on what tarp configuration (size and shape) that would be useful for both solo and duo hanging in wet environment in Oregon. Am new to hanging and use my hex ground cloth from the ancient REI dome tent for a tarp in the mild weather but am willing to hear recommendations for the best approach for tandem wet weather tarping. take care.

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