Review – Amok Segl Ultralight Hammock

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6 Responses

  1. AngryDaddyBird says:

    Great review. I been eyeballing this to go with my Amok Draumr 3.0. I love their suspension setup. I had a trip in Hawaii which rained for 6 days strait while in my Amok. Never got wet and from the 7th day on it was all sunshine. Always slept good!
    They have an awesome water brake setup.

  2. Chris Bynum says:

    Thanks, Derek, for this timely review of this new lightweight hammock option, something for folks to consider adding to their daypacks for adventures this spring. Respect and regards, Chris AKA kitsapcowboy

    P.S.: I understand that “Segl” is Norwegian for “sail”, but how do you pronounce it?! 🙂

  3. Kane Christensen says:

    What weight can the hammock hold?

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