Review: Bean Bag Hammock

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review of our hammock!

    Your concerns about the gathered end and knotting system are some that we have had as well. We have since evolved the design; the next generation uses a constrictor knot ( and has a folded insert to keep the knot from slipping off, as well as a heavier gauge rope. (

    So why knots instead of a sewn sleeve? A gathered end is stronger than a sewn sleeve. Each hole the needle makes to sew a sleeve weakens that part of the hammock…we actually had rip during test of earlier models.

    We really appreciate the honest feedback and our designs are constantly improving. For instance we just constructed a microfiber model that looks more sleek and stays cooler. Thanks for the honest review, Derek! I love your site and am glad to hear your daughter likes the hammock.

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