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February 24, 2017

Thank you for your patience!

On February 1, without warning, my web host went belly up and I completely lost theultimatehang.com. The site went dark for a little over a week. However, thanks to an old backup and scraping the internet archive, I’ve been slowly rebuilding the site (with the help of a great friend!). The outage has had a severe impact on those searching for the great content, illustrations, and information here, and it’s going to take a little while to rebuild all the trust I’ve worked so hard to earn over the past few years.

If you’re visiting and you’re noticing images or content missing, please be patient and come back in a day or two. Also, drop me a line if you discover broken or missing content.


  • Andrew Skurka

    Ouch. Hope you were able to get everything you lost.

    Indeed, great friend.

    If you need a referral to a reliable web host let me know.

    Reply to Andrew Skurka
    • Post authorDerek

      Thanks Andrew! I appreciate that. Once I get everything fixed I may ping you!

      Reply to Derek
  • Anon

    Are you establishing nightly/per post backups of your website after this incident?

    Reply to Anon
    • Post authorDerek

      Yes. At least that was the plan.

      Reply to Derek
  • Sidneyhornblower

    Ouch indeed! Your site is an invaluable resource that I’ve used and pointed others towards for three years. Thanks for the rebuild. Good luck. HF screen name sidneyhornblower.

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