Trip Report: Kayaking on Apache Lake, Arizona

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6 Responses

  1. FJRpilot says:

    Nice report, sounds like a fun trip. Sorry about the ankle, hope it feels better.

  2. AngryDaddyBird says:

    I been looking at a warbonnet wookie for my XLC. Would you recommend it over a Hammock gear incubator or similar underquilt? I like its 2 connection points and that’s it.

  3. sarahschwass says:

    Derek, it sounds amazing. I’m embarking on a first time ever kayaking/hammock camping trip in Whiteshell Park (Manitoba, Canada) this summer. A friend and I are kayaking to one of the islands and setting up camp for a few days. Apart from the ankle issue, I hope my trip is just as awesome.

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