Geaux Hammock Review

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle Baker says:

    Nice review Derek. On the topic of fabric and vendor testing, you’re right in that there is little insight or uniformity with how “weight rating” is determined and published. We’re working on changing that with a standardized static load test procedure for all our specialty hammock fabrics. I’m the owner of RBTR, which produces HyperD, ROBIC, and others.

    We’ve already done it for the 1.6 polyester box ripstop being used for printed hammocks with OutdoorINK and plan to compile results very soon for the others. In addition to weight rating, we also log stretch and sag. Here’s a link to the results for the 1.6 poly box ripstop –

    The hope is to make a standardized test that we put all hammock fabrics through and share that data with both the DIYer and Vendors using the materials. Would welcome your comments and feedback.

  2. Jerry Sambrook says:

    Hey Derek. The first thing I commented to Clark was how comfortable the material is against the bare skin on legs and arms. Thanks for the good review

  3. Kenny here from the University of Arkansas… We rented our whole fleet out last weekend and I spent 3 nights in a Geaux over Fall break and slept wonderfully. Great product!

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