Crosskix 2.0 Supreme Multi-sport Shoes Review

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2 Responses

  1. Bill says:


    The dealbreaker on these is weight. Are they lighter or heavier than Crocs?
    Vivobarefoot made a similar shoe, slightly heavier than Crocs, but more packable with a smaller volume. Of course, they discontinued them…GRRRR…

    • Derek says:

      A size US10 Croc weighs any where from 13 to 16 oz, depending on the heel strap. The Crosskix are a few ounces heavier, but they also have much more secure and robust attachment method. I like Crocs for general camp shoes, but they are horrible to do any activity in. The Crosskix make great camp shoes, but they are designed for more active wear. You can use the Crosskix out in the water and mud without worrying they’ll pull off, for example. For just hanging around camp, Crocs work just fine.

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