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DIY Summer Top Quilt and Matchcoat

How to make a do-it-yourself Summer Top Quilt and Matchcoat for a hammock using a basic blanket such as the Tribe Provisions Go Anywhere Blanket.

Materials needed

  1. Rectangular quilt or blanket (top quilts can work if the footbox can open up)
  2. Belt or rope to go around your waist

Making the Matchcoat

  1. Hold the quilt behind you and over your head (if your quilt has a foot end that can snap or cinch closed, use this for the head end)
  2. With the quilt draped over your head, wrap the left and right sides across your waist
  3. Fasten the quilt around your waist using the rope or belt
  4. Snap the hood leaving a space for your head

4 thoughts on “DIY Summer Top Quilt and Matchcoat”

  1. Any experience with The Puredown Nylon Waterproof White Goose Down Indoor/Outdoor Camping Blanket? For another $10 ($50 MSRP) it would seem to offer some added waterproof benefit as well as almost a pound lighter for a sim. size blanket. But curious about your thoughts!

    Thanks for sharing your great info!

    1. Down vs synthetic is one big difference. Fabric and weight. About equally warm. This blanket is more wind and water protective.

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