Gear Best Camouflage Canvas Hammock Review

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5 Responses

  1. Larry Wallace says:

    Clews are cool. I like how this hammock is made. This hammock is priced right for what you get too. Thanks for the review. I will get one of these.

  2. Daniel says:

    Your review didn’t really address how the lay/comfort of this hammock was. You indicated the clew attachment method made it feel smaller. Did it pinch at all?

    • Derek says:

      I usually try to avoid talking or rating comfort in a hammock since it is pretty subjective 🙂

      However, I will say that the clew does tighten the ends more than I wanted. It makes the hammock feel smaller and so it has a lay similar to a single hammock, even though this hammock is wider. If the clews were set up differently, it would have a wider lay angle, which is preferable to some people. I actually don’t mind small hammocks, so I didn’t find it too confining or tight. The cotton stretched somewhat, so after a few nights I noticed that there was a noticeable “rut” where I had slept before. Flipping the fabric and switching lay angles fixes this small issue.

  3. Sandy Kramer says:

    This review came at the right time. I was going to Venezuela and my brother had hooks installed into the concrete wall and
    balcony overhang. I had no idea of distance and needed a hammock that I could leave
    behind. The $23 or so was great.

    The canvas fabric was very stiff and it did fade a lot after I washed it. I’m only 5′ and wished it had been longer and wider so I’m going to recommend it for kids and youths.

    That said, I slept very well for six nights. Thanks for the tips.

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