Grand Trunk Goods Trunk Straps Review

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5 Responses

  1. Ely Gale says:

    I also really like these bright color options. Very useful in not loosing gear to things camouflaging into their surroundings enough to be missed when packing up (I am missing an eno extra long strap in the north woods somewhere because of this :)). I also like this company and their straps are at a nice price point, basically the same as eno or kammok but with more variety. I like using this method of suspension when hanging indoors or on my porch. It really simplifys things. I keep a set of the eno kind up in my room all the time so I can easily clip my hammock up and nap whenever.

    I was worried when I saw you wrote they were only rated at 250lbs weight capacity and assumed you meant both used together but it looks like you meant one strap now looking. I checked their site and their specs say each strap is rated at 200lbs, so it’s 400lbs total using the two. I hope mentioning this does not seem nit picky and am sorry if it is. It’s just, as a big guy, I have to pay close attention to weight ratings to be safe when hanging. I am also just plain curious if maybe you have information they really are tested to a higher rating but their website is showing overly cautious specs (which I know happens some but am never sure how much)?

  2. Derek duncan says:

    Python or pocket loop straps as we call them here in the UK have been slow arriving on these shores. I think the potato got here faster from the new world? I scored a set of ENO atlas straps from Amazon US recently with disgusting postage charges and import fees to replace some recently stolen ones. If anybody can manufacture and distribute this item here In the UK you will corner an exclusive market!

  3. elderr2 says:

    My first straps were homemade straps with descender rings. That worked very well, but I have found that recently I prefer using tow straps with a slippery larks head knot. My little brother is thinking of converting from his tent and I think I will point him this way to start (he is afraid of knots). Thanks for the review.

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