Byer of Maine Paradiso and Barbados Hammock Review

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11 Responses

  1. Greg Larson says:

    Hi Derek! Thanks for another great review! Will my HG full length 20 degree under-quilt work well with a traditional Brazilian hammock like the Paradiso or Barbados?

  2. Dan says:

    While I conceptually understand how the Becket hitch works, I’m having trouble visualizing it with a rope that has been ‘middled’. If you’re able to provide of closeup of this in practice on this hammock, that would be great!

    • Dan says:

      I think this YouTube video of yours answers my question. You just treat the two parts of the ‘middled’ line as one piece, correct?

      • Derek says:

        Yes! The rope is folded in half. The loop created in the middle is used to hook or loop around a post or eye bolt. The two strands are used together to tie the Becket hitch to the hammock.

  3. Brady M. says:

    What length hammock stand would I need for one of these? I’m moving soon and wanting to switch out my bed for a hammock.

  4. Arnav Shah says:

    I have 10 feet between two walls, do you think thats enough space to hang this hammock at 45deg?

    • Derek says:

      Try the hang calculator. It might be tight.

      • Arnav Shah says:

        I’m not sure what to put for the ridgeline/hammock length. I’m guessing 152/140 (the dimension mentioned above) for the double/single. When I put that in I get suspension lengths of 9in/15in, and forces of 140/200 lbs. Are these numbers acceptable (assuming I’m using the rigeline/hammock length correctly). Appreciate you reply!

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