BooneDox Drifter Hammock Stand Review

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  1. Sandy Kramer says:

    Not the only one, Derek. I got the Drifter for Xmas (quite heavy for me at 5′ to carry – it stays on the porch of my trailer in Okeechobee) and the Boats To Go stand (with a very narrow beach hammock) for Mother’s Day. (The birthday gift Half Wit hammock arrived today! – Son doesn’t understand why so many hammocks and stands. LOL He also financed my red Brazillian double hammock.)

    I use a 10′ Dutch NylonD hammock on the Drifter (with the extenders) and a 9.5′ Dutch PolyD hammock on the BTG. Need to use short continuous loops.
    These are great for your kids, Derek.

    Still working on a tarp but among my stuff I found a long, heavy-duty shock cord with loops (fastened with metal “clamps”). I am able to stretch it from one hook to another and back again to make a taut ridgeline. I posted my review on Hammock Forums (search by sandykayak). Having the stretch allows for the bowing. At 10 lbs (and approx $100), the BTG fit nicely in my kayak.

    Tech Specs:
    – Heavy-duty 1.5″ diameter anodized aluminium.
    – Hammock Frame weight is only 10 lbs!
    – FREE starter fabric Hammock included!
    – FREE polyester storage bag is included!
    – Distance between hooks is 112″ ( 9.33′ so that makes for a short hammock )
    – Adjustable height is optimal distance from ground to hook of 37″
    – Length of each section is only 40″ long
    – Easy assembly with pushpins.
    – Maximum rated weight is 200 lbs. 230 lb “model”

  2. Allan Green says:

    Hi Derek,

    I found this stand that looks very similar to the one in your article.

    It has half the weight capacity, so I assume the poles are smaller. But it is the same size, and can be used in the same way. I am 210 lbs, so I don’t know if I should spring for it, since the stated capacity is 200 lbs. I would put a hammock like the Grand Trunk ultralight on it and see if it can serve as a stand for those times when trees are not around, like our scout camporees.

    BTW, I think I have infected the scout troop with the hammock bug. At summer camp last week we had 5 hammocks up, three that belonged to scouts, and 2 extra. Just about everyone wanted to do a night or two in the extra hammocks.

    Thanks, and have a good day.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks for the link! I saw that stand too but I don’t know much about it besides what is listed. It looks like it may stand a little taller too.

      That’s cool about your troop! We had something similar happen last year at camp. I brought a bag full of hammocks and after the first day, nearly everyone was out of the platform tents and in hammocks.

  3. Silas says:


    Could a 6′ gent. 245lbs use this as a nightly sleeper? I just purchase an eco dbl hammock to use to learn how to sleep in a hammock



    • Derek says:

      Absolutely! I often sleep in a hammock indoors and I love it. If you are new to hammocks, please consider getting a copy of my book and review the basics. Some of the details are on this webpage. A few quick tips: hang with a good sag and lay diagonally.

  4. Arthur says:

    What alluminium alloy do you use for hammock?

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