Integrating Hammocks into Parks, Designated Campsites, and Jamborees

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  1. Sandy Kramer says:

    Hi. Florida State Parks is beginning to accept hammock hangers but they require 2″ webbing for hammocks AND tarps. Dutch sells the 2″ webbing but no special hardware. I did start a thread on this in The Dutch sub-forum on Hammock Forum.

    I was wondering whether I could use 1″ webbing, joining (by stitching together with zigzag stitch)) two widths around the tree portions and then be able to use (perhaps) an Adutchable Clip.

    Somebody said their state park required 2″ hammock suspension so this will probably become more “popular.”

    Perhaps you could do some research and experiments. Thanks.

  2. Bob Jordan says:

    RE: Hammock Garden Drawing
    Great idea for parks and public places!
    Unless you are using lots of concrete the 1′ 6″ and 2′ holes are likely too shallow. 2′ 6″ and 3′ is the recommended minimum depth for hammock poles, due to the forces from typical or low angled hammock hanging around 300 pounds often and that does not count the bouncing or multiple people in one hammock. My experience is with Texas soils.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Hi Derek! Great article. This is my first summer hammock camping and I’ve been running into this problem researching campgrounds in Colorado. I definitely understand protecting our trees that have been damaged by pine beetles, but in some areas rangers just seem particularly resistant to hammocks. My Pares hammock straps are not 2″ wide. Can you recommend a brand of straps that are 2″ wide?

    • Derek says:

      Not many sell them, but I believe Hennessy Hammock does and

    • Mark says:

      Hi Lindsey, I am running into the same issue. I have fallen in love with hammock camping but every ColoRADo state park website/camping brochure in my vicinity specifically says no hanging or attaching anything to trees. I’m happy to buy some 2″ straps if you have found a place that will allow them. Please follow up with those of us in ColoRADo and let us know what kind of straps you found and the parks that allow them. Thanks and happy hammock camping! 🙂

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