Sierra Madre Research Nubé Shelter Review

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14 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Did you do any testing to see if the sleeves really prevented any water from running down the suspension?

  2. Neruda says:

    I’ve really liked the look and concept of the Nube. The company scores high points for their charitable model. I’m a weight weenie so I’d be concerned about the 3 plus lbs of it. At the same time it is nice that it accommodates two hammocks. I’d love to try one out someday and bite the bullet on the cost.

  3. Ryan Jones says:

    I have been using my Nube for almost 6 months and have fallen in love with it as I am a kayaker, fisherman and camper so weight is not of high importance. Condensation is the only issue I have had at all with it, but not to any degree that it bothers me. Closing the bugnet while in the hammock takes some practice, but the space inside is awesome and very open. Being able to take clothes off and slide them down the bugnet into the gear hammock is convenient. I have been through sideways rain, high winds and hail with no problem and use the winter barrier for added warmth during cold season. Richard and Juli are extremely nice and easy to work with

  4. Steve says:

    Does the winter barrier eliminate the need for an under quilt or is it just some added insulation, if you will?

    • Derek says:

      The winter barrier is not insulation. It is similar to an under cover. It seals off the shelter from wind and helps create dead air that helps trap heat better. Weather covers add about 10 to 15 degrees of warmth. You’ll still need insulation.

      • says:

        Any recommendations on over and under quilts that would work well with the Pares?

        • Derek says:

          Any quilt set will work. They are very basic hammocks like most on the market. The fabric, handles, and Nubé clips are differentiators.

  5. Andrew Lee says:

    Used the Nube / Winter barrier plus Pares on UK trek this March, perfect! Good 3 season sleeping bag no additional insulation needed. Outside temp at night about 3oC.

    Looked great, very functional. Agree with Derek that getting in / out without placing stress on Nube was on my mind.

  6. Sonia Torres says:

    I o to know where I can order ir. I Liverpool in Puerto Rico

  7. Tim says:

    Hi ! First of all, Thanks for ur work.
    Could u give me the dimensions of the gear storage please (in centimeters)? I would put two hiking backpacks of 70 liters each. An another question, do u think that Nubé is good for heavy rains (like on south Asia the worst season) ? I want to invest in something very solid that will last me a long time. I go take a trip around the world by foot with my girlfriend and we’r looking for our “cocoon” which will be our “home” for several years. Yet we hesitate on our purchase with the Vertex by Clark. Meanwhile your advice, I looked forward to your answer. Thanks again. Tim (Sorry for my broken English)

    • Derek says:

      The Nubé is perfect for the rain and it will be able to hold your packs. The interior space will be tight for two adults. Bunking hammocks works but it won’t be as cozy, especially with two big packs in the storage. It might work with an accessory item, the Dutch ware double whoopie hooks and spreader bars. This would allow you to hang side by side in two separate hammocks instead of bunked.

  8. Tim says:

    Thk u very much. Is the weight in the storage can reduce the interior space of the Nubé? We use to sleep both of us in a XL hammock, so we take the same size as a single person. Also, I would know what the mesh size of the bug net (Is it able to protect against sandflies = 1 millimeters max). And last questions, is it possible to set the Dutch ware double whoopie hooks with the spreader bars to hang the Two person Clark Vertex hammock with just two trees ? And the vertex is it a two layers (to put something for isolating moisture)?
    Merci !

    • Derek says:

      If you and your partner can and want to sleep in the same hammock, your problems are solved and the Nubé is a good fit. You’ll want a big hammock. Like the Kammok Roo or Hammock Bliss Triple. Yes, the netting is fine enough. I don’t think the whoopie hook and spreader bar is quite the perfect length but it is possible. The center storage area may not be as usable.

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