ENO JungleNest Review

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  1. Edward says:

    How tall are you Derek? At 6’2″ the gaurdian bug net never let me lay at an angle and this doesn’t seem any longer than any other ENO design. If I recall from your spreadsheet they make just about the shortest hammocks on the market. I have the original Skeeter Beater Ultralight as well and it’s too small to be comfortable either, which I think is why they updated the model so quickly.

    • Derek says:

      Yes. I would agree with your assessment. I’m 5’10” and the hammock is just perfect. I wouldn’t recommend any taller than 6′.

  2. Thomas Howard says:

    I’m 6’2″, weigh 280lbs, have 64″ shoulder girth, and love this robust hammock. I use it all the time hiking in the Arkansas Ozarks.

  3. Steve Summersell says:

    Nice review! I added an internal ridgeline for more storage options and paired it with an ENO Profly. I’m 5’8″, 300#’s and found the stretch to be considerable. Switching from SlapStraps to AtlasStraps helped but I’m most comfortable with combining the JungleNest with a second hammock for a two layer effect. It’s worth mentioning, the bugs can get you underneath because there’s no netting! Otherwise, love it!

  4. Brendon says:

    Great review. My girlfriend has a jungle nest and was always complaining about the bugnet in her face. I found the best solution was larks heading the pullouts to the included ridgeline and separating to a desired height. We also just tried putting a pad in between the hammock and bugnet when the hammock is upside down in netless mode and It seemed to work pretty well. I don’t own a double layered hammock but I’m assuming its working in a similar fashion.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, that is very similar to how double-layered hammock works. I also like the pull outs that Jacks R Better sells. They can pop on anywhere and don’t require any sewing.

  5. Neruda says:

    Good review Derrick. ENO is a solid company but perhaps do more to market their brand better than anything else. It is nice to see them finally come out with a jungle hammock.

    I’m a Scout Master in the PNW and have a few boys who’s parents wised up finally and bought them a Jungle Nest when it was on sale at REI (per my recomendation). I’m excited to get out on some back country trips and see how it performs for them.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks! I think it will work well, especially when paired with an easy strap/suspension system. All the best with your troop!

  6. Chris ellis says:

    Hi Derek,
    My name is chris I’m a hiker/ camper and I just got into hammock camping. I just purchased the eno junglenest and tried it out on an overnight. Comfort was ok but I feel mabee I didn’t get a proper hang so I’d like to know the right amount of sag so I can expirience optimum comfort any tips thank you very much

    • Derek says:

      How tall are you? Height can sometimes have an impact on mid-sized hammocks. The hang angle is also a major factor. Did you try my hang calculator to help find the right angle?

      • Chris says:

        Ahh thanks and would you recommend dream hammocks??

        • Derek says:

          Yes! Dream Hammocks are very well-made, high-quality, and have an amazing feature set. I’m currently reviewing a model right now and hope to publish my thoughts in a few weeks.

  7. Laura Doan says:

    Hey there, I was wondering what tarp and bug net you would suggest with an ENO double hang and atlas straps. I’m not worried about weight (not going very far from the car)

    • Derek says:

      If weight is not a concern, than your options are really open. Any of the ENO tarps will work, but if you want more coverage, I might look at the Ticket-to-the-Moon tarp, or the Grand Trunk Goods tarp, or even the large tarp from Hammock Bliss. They are all in the same price range, but have varying degrees of coverage. If you want to integrate both the bug net and tarp together, the Hammock Bliss Sky Tent is ideal, and also the Sierra Madre Research Nubé. Stand-alone bug nets from Kammok, ENO, and Ticket-to-the-Moon are fairly comparable, but Kammok has the best quality and lowest weight, followed by ENO and TTTM.

  8. Benjamin Leonard says:

    I’d be curious what your thoughts are on the Skeeter Beeter. I don’t see a review but it appears form the article that you own one.

    • Derek says:

      I owned the skeeter beeter ultralight but that has been discontinued. I’ve also handled the current model. I preferred the ultralight because it used one panel of fabric as opposed to three. I guess it is a pet peeve of mine. Other brands don’t do this including the hammock bliss no see um no more, the ENO junglenest, and I think the byer of Maine moskito kakoon.

  9. rick brannon says:

    Thanks for the review. I am looking for a good double hammock for backpacking, to include bugnet and fly. One that will work in winter and summer camping. I say double because with grandchildren and possibly my wife I will need the room. Also having extra rrom for gear cannot hurt. I am 6’0″ 220. suggestions? The Clark I think is too expensive. The hennessy seems to be the higher rated but that could be marketing.

    • Derek says:

      Just to clarify, this hammock, or any double hammock for that matter, are best for single occupancy. The term “double” just means a little wider fabric but it’s not like a double or two person tent. This is a good jungle hammock for cost. Hennessy and DD Hammocks are also good.

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