Trip Report – Hammock Camping on the Cliffs of Third Beach, Washington

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4 Responses

  1. Brian Lang says:

    Were the bug nets really necessary?

  2. Larry Wallace says:

    Mr. Jones, looks like you two picked a perfect place to enjoy the night. The spot seems to highlight one of the principles of hanging. You do not need to worry about level ground, rock, sticks, etc. just hang and enjoy the outdoors. Based on my limited experience with the Pacific Northwest, (mostly Alaska), I would say you probably appreciated the bug netting. Them durned Skeeters can carry a person off if you let them.

    Thanks for sending Derek this report.

    I enjoyed reading it.

    Larry Wallace

  3. HC says:

    Brilang – I live in Seattle and do a fair amount of backpacking/hiking around all of Washington and there are indeed biting insects virtually everywhere! In Seattle, it’s not so bad because of the wind but 20 miles east of here and you’re going to need bug netting and Ben’s if you want to walk around your camp June – September.

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