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Trip Report – Hammock Camping on the Cliffs of Third Beach, Washington

The following is a guest post from reader Richard Jones. All photos are copyright © 2014 Richard Jones. If you have a hammock camping trip report you’d like to share, please submit it to


Route: East of Forks Washington, off of La Push Road, Third Beach, September 10, 2014.

This was not really a camp site, as the only way to camp here would be with hammocks. This was just an overlook off the main trail. My brother and I hung our hammocks about 20 ft (6 m) from the side of this beach cliff for a spectacular view and camp. Robert used his ENO Double and I had a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro.

The hike in to the beach was about 2 miles (3.2 km), then another 2 miles (3.2 km) to our camp. With full packs we slowly made our way up the overland trail, as the beach trail runs out due to the waterline. There are a series of ropes and ladders on the steep ascent about 200 ft (61 m) above the beach. We had great weather too. Probably 80 degrees (27°C) without a cloud in the sky.

Both of us are new to hammocks this season, and we are hooked. After a half dozen nights out, this beach site was truly our ultimate hang so far.

In the photo, you can see that this hang was a bit of a challenge. Robert’s hang was especially impressive, as the distance between trees was more than practical. Fortunately, he had a lengthy tree strap and it was not difficult for him to set it up. My hang was pretty straightforward. You can see in the photo both of the hammocks, the darker one on the right being the ENO with a long strap and the lighter one on the left is the Grand Trunk.

After photos were taken, meals prepared and hammocks hung, we were tucked in by dusk and enjoyed a nice sunset. We were serenaded by crashing waves below and the trickle of waterfall near our camp. Daylight brought a spectacular view of the beach and ocean.

Thanks to Derek’s research and his book “Ultimate Hang” I made some great choices in gear and had an excellent first time experience.

4 thoughts on “Trip Report – Hammock Camping on the Cliffs of Third Beach, Washington”

  1. Mr. Jones, looks like you two picked a perfect place to enjoy the night. The spot seems to highlight one of the principles of hanging. You do not need to worry about level ground, rock, sticks, etc. just hang and enjoy the outdoors. Based on my limited experience with the Pacific Northwest, (mostly Alaska), I would say you probably appreciated the bug netting. Them durned Skeeters can carry a person off if you let them.

    Thanks for sending Derek this report.

    I enjoyed reading it.

    Larry Wallace

  2. Brilang – I live in Seattle and do a fair amount of backpacking/hiking around all of Washington and there are indeed biting insects virtually everywhere! In Seattle, it’s not so bad because of the wind but 20 miles east of here and you’re going to need bug netting and Ben’s if you want to walk around your camp June – September.

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