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Call for Entries: Hammock Adventures and Trip Reports


Inspire Others With Your Trip Reports

One of my overall goals with my blog and book have been to highlight and encourage hammock camping. I often receive emails from subscribers who recount their adventures with hammock camping and I find it absolutely inspirational. I would like to publish your stories to inspire and motivate more people to try hammock camping. Do you have a hammock-related trip report you would like to share? I’d like to publish good and bad experiences, both indoors and out.

Send me your photos and brief article to Submitted stories indicate your explicit permission to publish on my blog and social media, while you reserve the copyright to your photos and article.

What To Send

Photo and video essays work great, with optional brief written trip details (250-500 words) such as:

  • Trip type (car camping, backpacking, indoor hang, etc.)
  • Equipment used (what did you take and how did it work?)
  • Tips and techniques used (share what works for you!)
  • Brief and succinct background information
  • Photos with credit lines
  • YouTube video links

What To Avoid

  • Keep personal details to a minimum
  • No advertorials—while I encourage you to highlight the gear you use and love, the focus should be the trip, not a running ad for a particular company
  • Keep the trip report  family-friendly and appropriate for a broad audience
  • No gear reviews. While it is appropriate to talk about the equipment you used, the report should focus on the trip and experience.

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