Using Stakes and Snow Anchors

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  1. Patricia Neville (grannypat) says:

    Thanks for this. I really appreciate the simple designs and instructions.

  2. Slbear says:

    My favorite snow staking method is to carry some plastic lids from cans (for those who still buy coffee in cans these are free). punch a whole to two in the lid and tie your cord to it (or optionally put your deadman stake on the otherside).

    Coffee can lids were a good size, but nowadays, maybe use orphaned tupperware lids (you probably have a few), or any plastic disk. They are light and cheap, and If it’s frozen solid and you can’t dig it out, you can usually pull the cord lose, although I would not condone leaving behind the lid unless there’s no other choice. If you do use the dead-man stake behind it, you will find it very tough to pull it out without digging out the lid first.

  3. Shawn Ellard says:

    A technical note/request:

    While I can zoom in on pictures I can’t do the same on your drawings (where I’d really like to see the smaller accompanying text to better understand the topic). Any chance you can fix this? I don’t always have time to check out the site at work on the computer.

    If it helps I’m viewing the site with Chrome 38.0.2125.125 on an Android 4.2 phone. Derek, you can email me if you need/want more details.

    I really enjoy your site, a great resource for a noob like me!

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