Impressions – Therm-a-Rest Hammocks

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  1. Vince Doss says:

    Any word on weight capacity, or educated guess based on your knowledge of hammocks of similar fabric?

    • Derek says:

      These should be in the 350 lbs range, which is comparable with the competition. Some hammock manufacturers who use ripstop have gone as high as 400 lbs.

  2. Mary Woods says:

    Sounds interesting! I cant Wait to See Your Review of the Thermarest! I have been thinking about getting at least 2 more less pricey hammocks to keep on hand for when I take the grand kids camping with me. Was going to get ENO, but now may wait…hmmm.

    • Brian says:

      I have the snugpak tropical hammock and I’m rather satisfied with it. Half the price of an eno, which I also have, but rated to the same strength.

  3. Thanks for the info and the preliminary review. I like you can’t wait to try one out.

  4. Rich says:

    Sounds like they are using the same material as the Kammok Roo.

  5. Oh, these sound very nice. I’ve been thinking of replacing my homemade cotton hammock with a commercial unit just to save weight, and maybe this one will be just the ticket, since I can’t imagine Therm-a-Rest making hammocks without making pads for them. I use a RidgeRest in mine, and it works well, but if Therm-a-Rest can make a matching combo that works even better, I’ll try it.

  6. joseph says:

    I wonder what the COO of this will be. I know traditionally Cascade Designs has been pretty good about about trying to keep manufacturing in the US.

  7. Walt. Railey says:

    I got the double, 400 lb rating. Made in USA. Very well made, all one sheet of fabric so no seams to lay on. Retail for $79 but I got a 15% discount at as a new customer.
    Love the Hammock, I am using as an indoor hang for sleeping at this time and will venture off to the great outdoors when it gets warmer. Your Video Review helped me make the choice of this hammock and again I love it!

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