First Look: The Two-Person Clark Vertex Hammock

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  1. Karl Smith says:

    Cardiac Hill, huh? I feel for you brother.Which week? We were week 3 site 13. I brought my ENO double-nest for naps and book reading. If you don’t mind the mice crawling on you at night, the adirondacks aren’t bad. At week 3 we were hitting the mid-30’s at night, so it was a bit chilly for my hang.

    • Derek says:

      We were in session 7, the last week. We had a few adult leaders in the adirondack who got “mixed.” I had multiple under quilts to keep everyone toasty in the hammocks.

  2. Have you done a review on the Hummingbird Hammock? I am curious. Their weight limits and even their suspension is interesting.

  3. Steg says:

    Ain’t it possible to put a rope between the 2 head anchor points so as not to rip the hammock apart and be able to use farer trees? This way the strain would be on the ropes and not the hammock body…

    • Derek says:

      Clark actually does have something like this — a webbing strap between the two points, but it is a stop gap. The hammock isn’t designed to be pulled apart so dramatically.

  4. John says:

    Thank you for the review.. I’ve searched high and low for a good review of the Vertex. My wife has interest to go packing and camping with me.. Having this as an option means she can feel safe.. Though the cost is a bit high, it does seem to be worth it for the safety feeling of a loved one.

    You stated finding 3 trees can be difficult. If the trees are some ways apart, but lined up perfectly, have you tried or had to use an VERY long strap to hang it? What option did you choose and work with mounting? I’m already set to order this and I have amsteel blue to make my endless loop as I did for my ENO.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, you can do long hangs easily if the trees are in line. Just use long straps or other suspension to span the distance. I used a whoopie hook suspension, which is lightweight and can be made pretty long.

  5. Mike says:

    If say, my wife and I were to use this hammock together, would it be bad parenting if our two year old daughter was to sleep in the center gear shelf? If she could, we’d all get a better nights sleep.

    Looking at the pics it’s not clear to me if we could safely and responsibility do that.

    • Derek says:

      It’s technically possible, and I’ve thought of doing the same thing. The trouble is that you have to have a near-perfect pitch where the hammocks are pulled apart just right because that center section is kind of like “flex” space that will move around as the hammocks move.

  6. CJ Saavedra says:

    I notice that you have both top and bottom pole lines? My vertex doesn’t have both… is this a prototype or a newer version? My flex 180 has both and I love it vs the just one pole system.

  7. Pablo Airth says:

    I watched the clark video of the vertex on their site and it looks very slick. Yet i don’t see it being very practical for any kind of outdoor camping. The price is high, the weight, and the set up sounds laborious compared with any kind of solo hammock. Finding two well spaced and sited trees can be a challenge at camp sites at times so I can see this being even harder needing the perfect triangle of trees. I can see the benefits of being together with a loved one however hanging in hammocks is a solitary affair. Hanging hammocks really close to each other ( side by side or bunking two or more hammocks) is usually enough.

  8. jeremyflatt says:

    Hey Derek, nice review. I just received my vertex yesterday. At my house i only have one option or space to set this up. It looks like my configuration is correct but i notice when i lay in it the sides of my hammock is really pushing tight against my shoulders… My wife has the same complaint. I didn’t expect it to be as roomy as nx-250 but this is borderline suffocating and uncomfortable. I am hoping it is just the setup… I also notice my center area does not seem as taunt as i have seen in some pictures…

    Did you notice the hammock squeezing in on your shoulders and body?

    • Derek says:

      I didn’t notice it much when I hung it with the right distance/angle in a controlled area in my hammock lab. Out in the field it wasn’t so easy and so the two of us had to work it out a little. I think my son faired better than I did. The hammock isn’t that large, so if you are tall and wide, it may very well feel tight inside. It doesn’t offer as much room as bigger hammocks; a trade off on the design. It may be that you look at going back to single hammocks and sharing a tarp over the top of you both.

      • jeremy says:

        I am 6’1 170. I really do hope it is better in the woods. I am going hiking this Friday with my 9 year old. When me and my wife tested it out here like i said there was only 1 area that was possible to set up. However it seemed to be pretty close to what they recommend as the ideal configuration. But we both immediately noticed how confined we felt at the shoulders. When you would lay completely down the hammock would just about completely close above you. The only way i found to stop this was to lay sideways and use my body (knees in fetal position) to push against the hammock… It isn’t a big deal for sleeping but I had hoped to hang out in the hammock at night, maybe watch a movie on my tablet…. There video title that I watched several times before purchasing claimed real comfort for two people. So I guess I maybe got more excited about this “comfort” then I should have. Again maybe it was just that one configuration… I’ll report back after the trip.

        • Derek says:

          You may also try pitching the foot end a little higher than the head end and see if that helps keep you set. That said, the Vertex does compromise a little on size as a tradeoff for weight — it is a big kit.

    • Steve says:

      The solution to your problem is found on the set-up video from Clark. If your shoulders feel squeezed it is because you have hung the hammock too taut between the trees. If you hang the ropes a little higher and then give the hammock a little more slack, the beds relax and feel great. This is easiest when you choose trees that aren’t more than about 18 feet apart.

      If the trees are very far apart (from head to foot end) then most people think they should just pull the hammock tight to keep it off the ground. This makes it uncomfortable. Instead, raise the ropes as high on the tree as you can and then give it some slack to make it feel comfortable.

      Me and my wife have done this and it is the best sleep we’ve ever gotten camping. Have fun!

  9. Derek … Lots of GREAT information here. I just ordered your book on Amazon and can’t wait to read it, I know I will learn a lot. My wife and I just purchased the Clark Vertex and we’ve yet to have the right weekend to try it out, but will soon. One question: Most likely I’ll be taking the rope that comes with the Vertex out and replacing that with four Amsteel Loops, along with a four carabiners and Atlas Straps. What do you feel would be the best length for the Amsteel Loops to be? Thanks for any advice you might offer.

  10. DeWayne Westphal says:

    I am fairly new to the whole hammock scene, I am 6’2 and 250lbs, been a camper for years but being a side sleeper I have begun looking for alternatives to the ground… The girlfriend and I would love to get one where we could be together in the same shelter… Is side sleeping possible in the vertex?

    • Derek says:

      Yes. It is a unique shelter. You can achieve the same concept with two single hammocks pitched close together under the same tarp. At your height, you may be pushing the limit of the vertex.

      • DeWayne Westphal says:

        Do you have any recommendations on a hammock system that will work for someone my size and sleep position? And also thank you for all the info, will definitely be buying your book here soon!

        • Derek says:

          Any hammock will allow you to sleep on your side. As for big and tall, there are basic hammocks like the Hammock Bliss Triple, the KAMMOK Roo; jungle hammocks like the Warbonnet XLC and the Hennessy Hammock Safari.

  11. kyle says:

    Is there any other two person hammocks you have tested that compare to or are better than the vertex ?

    • Derek says:

      Not really. The only other comparable option is the two person hammock from Tentsile. They are fairly different though so a direct comparison probably isn’t advisable, unless you are car camping.

      • kyle says:

        Thank you for the quick response ! No car camping we are mostly deep woods camping in the mountains of Pennsylvania so I’m looking for an alternative to a heavy tent set up but I need something comfortable for me and my wife for weeks on end here’s the hard part I need something that can also sleep our 2 year old son safely . I guess I’m wondering if the vertex is designed for this kind of set up safety being the first concern

  12. John says:


    I may have missed it. Do you still suggest hanging this at 30 degrees? Clark site wants to lead you into mounting the traps pretty high and a steep angle.

    Thanks, I am on the verge of ordering.


  13. Russell says:

    Just wondering if for instance you had 2 trees that were too far apart on the head end, would it be acceptable to tie the 2 ends together, about halfway between the hammock and the trees to bring them back to the proper angle? In my mind if you rig it right, the straps(and additional rope) should take all the stress.

  14. zeldalovestreats says:

    My fiance and I are considering buying this hammock, but I have a couple of concerns:

    He is 6’6″ and about 230 pounds. On the website for this hammock his point on the height to weight ratio lists him right on the edge of comfortable and less comfortable. He touches head to feet in our tent so would this be about the same?

    We have a dog that is about 22 lbs that we take backpacking with us. Would she be able to sleep in the gear storage area comfortably? We are also about to add a second dog, so would two dogs (total weight approx 50 lbs) fit in the gear storage area? I am not a fan of storing gear in that area since we backpack in bear country, so the dogs would be the only things occupying that space.

    • Derek says:

      I hunk you’d find the Vertex too small and confining. The middle gear area would hold your dog. The vertex has an appeal for couples but owing to his height I would recommend an 11 ft hammock for him and a separate hammock for you. Share a tarp and stay close together. Dream Hammock has a lot of custom options for a hammock with big netting. The winter dream tarp from underground quilts gives a lot of shelter and privacy.

  15. Jonathan Mcdonald says:

    In theory couldn’t I just bring a strong telescopic pole backpacking and tie around the ends of it ,from the 2 corners(head).Then from the center of the pole tie around a tree which will still allow you to only use 2 trees instead of 3?

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