Outdoor Products Skyline Pack Review

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I just purchased this today with a 3 liter CamelBak bladder to use with it. I intend to use for dirt biking, Mtn. Biking and hiking. It seems well made. I have a long day trip and may be doing some primitive camping with it.

    I paid about $55 for the combo at Big 5. Any comparable system would’ve cost me double or more.

  2. Kevin Dawson says:

    I too bought this from big 5 a couple of years ago and I am quite impressed with the durability and overall handiness. I’m a bicycle commuter and use it primarily for that plus day hikes. It holds a pretty good sized laptop even though the access is a bit narrow. I love the vertically zipped back pocket, where I store checkbooks, mail, etc., because I often forget to close it and even when tipped all kinds of different directions, nothing ever falls out. I keep a light rain jacket in one of the hip belt pockets. I’m short and have no issues with the hip-belt fit. The shock cording on the outside wore out this year, so I replaced it with p-cord. Now that its wearing out a bit, I see no reason to buy any other model to replace it. Holds lots of water too, with the hydration pocket plus the 2 side pockets.

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