Trail Tested: Sawyer Mini Filter Review

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6 Responses

  1. Jake Case says:

    Derek…first of all, I love your site! I live in Phoenix and work as tour guide at Grand Canyon during the summers, so it would be great to meet you sometime. Anyway…have you ever tried the Platypus Gravityworks system? It’s pretty lightweight (10.75 oz. according to the online specs), and it doesn’t have quite the same potential for cross-contamination as the Sawyer systems. The Gravityworks is also a little hard to fill in slow moving and stagnant water but it’s great in rushing streams. With a 4 liter capacity, you can filter a whole bunch of water in a matter of minutes, so it’s super efficient if you have other folks with you. I bought one earlier this year and really like it.

  2. Richard Donaldson says:

    This is pretty good, I’ve seen it about and for the price this seemed too good so the review is reassuring.

  3. Vernon says:

    Derek, My son and I used a hiker pro for two years before we found this in a Wall#$%^ store (19.99) we love them (I simply attached some tubing and use them like a survival straw with wide mouth bottles; dip and drink)

  1. June 4, 2014

    […] The Ultimate Hang: “There is no doubt that I’ll continue using the Sawyer Mini filter backpacking and hiking.” […]

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