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Super Secret Hammock Lab

4 thoughts on “Super Secret Hammock Lab”

  1. Hey, Derek! My son wants his hammock mounted in his room (right now it’s on a metal hammock stand.) The walls are much too far apart to directly attach it, and I’m not very craftsy – do you think you could point me to a place that’ll show me how to do this ?

    1. How far apart are the walls? In the “wild,” a span of 12 to 15 feet is ideal, thus providing enough room for hammock and tarp. Most bedrooms are within these limits (unless you live in a mansion, in which case we should talk about sponsorship 😉

      Most hardware stores sell 3/8 inch steel eye bolts. They had a safety rating of 325 lbs and are easily installed. Simply drill a hole into the wall and studs and then screw in the bolt.

  2. Lol. I love your secret lab! As mama to 12 rambunctious rovers of my own, I relate to the triple bunks and hammocks everywhere! (I am convinced I could have raised them in a 3 bedroom home)

    The game scales are a great way to teach basic physics concepts of load dispersal, not just to grownups but also to kids.

    I just found your site and your calculator, which I promptly purchased and downloaded.

    Being a camper (single, with family and otherwise) all my life, and having gone to ham mocking during the last decade, I adore creating and testing new gear ideas. Yes, I have re-invented the wheel a few times ( e.g., I just saw the CCS Lean, looks almost exactly like a hammock-friendly version of mine), but have always had a blast in the process.

    Encouraging you to keep u the great work…and your sense of humor (for all your sakes).


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