Simply Light Designs Streamliner SL Hammock Review

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2 Responses

  1. Janie Holt says:

    I like the feature that it is lightweight. Whether on a short or long hike, am always concerned about the weight I carry..

  2. Todd Foster says:

    Excellent and helpful review. Thanks for highlighting this maker. In contact with them for details, may be
    ordering a Streamliner soon. I have cat cut hammock tarp which is excellent so the idea of hammock itself cat cut is a logical and good one. The question is, how deep should the side scoops be? I need to be able to see out right and left while in hammock. This is the only good aspect of the floppy sides of hammocks like Hennessey, besides usability as a chair which though nice, I rarely use. Perhaps a longer than absolutely necessary length for cat cut hammock would help with this? I agree a ridge line is essential too, that was a Hennessey invention. Maybe making this adjustable would help adjust side height to maintain side visibility, have to try it .The backpacking hammock evolution continues and I’m glad to help out the cottage industry folks who are the innovators.

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