Hammock Bivy Prototype Design

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4 Responses

  1. Krummholtz says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Have a camo Clark which is pretty lux, but I’d like to try making something lighter out of cuben. Has anybody made this?

  2. Will Nettles says:

    I have a very basic, very cheap bivy sac, used it a lot. Love it. Usually it’s just rolled up, sleeping bag, pad inside. I unroll it, blow up the pad and I’m ready. No rain fly. If it rains, and it has (mountain top, 40 mph wind and rain) I just turn the bug netting away from the wind. It shouldn’t work but it does. When I think of a hammock-bivy I think of one of the quick set ups, snake-skins, ridge line, integrated bug netting, easy tarp. Used as a bivy I’m thinking prop up the ends of the hammock on the hiking poles, so the ridgeline, ends of the hammock all come together. This way you don’t have to take your set-up apart. The tarp can reconfigure a bit. The bottom of my hammock is not waterproof, so maybe underwrap the tarp. The basic idea is to create that tent bottom bathtub completely under the overhead tarp. And keep the hammock from laying on wet muddy ground. I’ve built some kayaks and am a DIY guy, but I must say I am really impressed and excited by all the thinking, inventing, figuring it out going on with hammock-ers. (Is that the term? ) I’m just sorry I’m so late to the party.

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