Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Review

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  1. Hey Derek,
    I’m 6’4″ – what are your thoughts on comfort for a taller hammocker? Also, I carry a Klymit Insulated V air pad – measures 23″ across, but can be marginally manipulated by adjusting the degree to which it is inflated… do you think this pad could be made to work in the integrated sleeve?

    • Derek says:

      I think you should give it a try, but the hammock might be at the limit of your height. The Sky Bed fits a 72 in (183 cm) long sleeping pad perfectly, so being taller, you may exceed what this hammocks is able to offer.

      As for the width of a pad, I think a 23 in (58 cm) wide pad would be fine. The sleeve has some extra “girth” for thicker pads, which could translate into a slightly wider pad. If you don’t inflate it too much I think it would work. That’s my best estimation; I’ve only used 20 in (51 cm) pads myself.

  2. Go Camping Australia Family says:

    Hi, We also reviewed this too! I really liked it and found it to allow me to lie flat, though the lack of a bug net was something that I think would be a great enhancement to it. We tested in summer, so can’t comment on how it would stand up in the cold weather like you experience (in fact I don’t think I want to go camping in -7C weather!).

    You can check our thoughts out here, if you are interested!



    • Derek says:

      Yes, an integrated bug netting would make this a great hammock camping kit. If it kept a bug net with its otherwise angular design, it would be sweet.

  3. SwedeMix says:

    That thing looks awsome! Exactly like what I’ve been trying to come up with myself, with little to no success though.. Guess it must’ve taken quite some tinkering to get it to work properly. Great review too, as usual!
    Cant wait ’til diy-plans start to pop up, I just have to give this style/model a go again now that someone showed it actually works!

    Thanks! / SwedeMix

  4. Shawn says:

    Hi Derek,
    I so appreciate all your reviews. I am a side sleeper and almost fetal stomach at times. I understand a bridge type might not work so well for this. Your review of the Skybed looks like a good option. Any other hammocks that might work well in your experience for my sleeping style?

    • Derek says:

      The Skybed is a good hammock for side sleeping, but really, any gathered-end hammock will perform similarly. Bridge hammocks work okay for side sleeping, but they are slightly more tippy than gathered end hammocks because the spreader bars raise the center of gravity slightly. Have you tried side sleeping in a regular hammock, hung with a deep sag?

  5. Steve K says:

    I bought a Sky Bed a couple of months ago, and I can say it’s every bit as good as this review indicates. Top quality materials, although I too changed the suspension to webbing and cinch buckle.

    The flatter lay and no shoulder squeeze makes it the most comfortable sleep I have ever had when camping. +1 re the bug net, but I already had a Hammock Bliss mosquito net cocoon, which fits it perfectly, so I was fine. They now have a model with the mozzy net integrated so that’s a fix for HB. Great people to deal with too, with quick delivery.

    The only downside for me is the small integrated stuff sack. It’s a real challenge to pack the hammock into this pack, especially with the webbing suspension attached. (Not everyone’s obsessed with packing ultra small. I would be happy with an inch extra all around to make the pack up easier!).

  6. hutzelbein says:

    Did you end up putting a ridgeline on the Sky Bed hammock? If so, what length did you use to achieve a flat lay?

  7. Jim P says:

    Hey Derek; Nice review. As a noobie to hammock camping and survivor of 4 spinal surgeries, I’m quite leery of anything that suggests that I might not be able to sleep in a flat position. This hammock would seem to allow that. The “Bug Free” model with the insect netting appears to deal with your worry about netting. I’m wondering you feel that the 32 oz. weight is excessive (it’s a lot); and if the fabric might be overly stretchy…. Also and very important: how will/would the sky bed bug free work with Snakeskins?

    • Derek says:

      I would use a firm pad to get the hammock to be as flat as possible. If you’re looking for a flat experience I would recommend a bridge hammock or even the new Amok Draumr 3.0. Check my reviews. Weight is relative. What are your goals? Yes, it works with snakeskin

  8. Stweve says:

    Same question as “Hutzelbien”. Did you end up putting a ridgeline on the Sky Bed hammock? If so, what length did you use to achieve a flat lay?
    After one night and a few hours fussing I’m at 98″. Any longer and turning to lay on my left side is awkward and feels unstable.

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