Lightweight Winter Hammock Camping

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  1. brianreyman says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Sounds like a Darien UL and Darien with solid 1.0 oz overcover is in Alan’s future! I have the Darien UL for my 3 season UL backpacking and LOVE it!

  2. Alan says:

    I would agree with that. Have already started talking with Randy….

  3. Mike Moore says:

    Surprised this didn’t come up in his blog but, a true winter hammocking expert, Shug, has some great videos, including a 10 part beginner tutorial on how to get started with hammocks.

    • Derek says:

      Shug is amazing as are his videos. I highly recommend them. This post was just Alan’s experience as a newbie winter hanger. If time allows, I hope to finish my own winter post and I’m sure Shug and Fronkey will be highlighted.

  4. Jim Neal says:

    I’ve been hammock camping year round for 3 years now. I won’t go back to the ground unless I have no trees. The only difference is I use a Warbonnet traveler and a Zpack tarp. I’m glad the word is spreading. There’s nothing cooler looking than a camp with hammocks and tarps set up in it. I’ve converted 3 of my hiking buddies.

  5. Great stuff.
    I’m loving the life in the trees.
    I’ve just done a 7 day walk in New Zealand.
    Couldn’t recommend it enough.
    Getting light is just a means to an end but the fact that I was so comfortable with so little weight meant that i can carry nicer food and it made my father jealous.
    I kept sleeping in!
    I’m on a similar path;
    BIAS WW,
    Hammock gear 40F UQ&TQ, cuben fibre tarp, traildesigns sidewinder and Gossamer gear gorilla.
    More comfort when sleeping and when walking.
    My latest toy is the Klymit body warmer: great in the hammock for insulation which also acts as the sit-pad/back-pad in the gorilla, my sleeping mat if I go to ground and a floatation aid for the more challenging river crossings.
    Got down to -2C with light 3 season gear and overslept.
    I’ll have a good look at the Darien when I need to move on.
    Thanks everyone.

  6. Dave says:

    I’d love to see this 20g tarp from MLD!

    I suspect a typo.

  7. etsisk says:

    His idea for an enclosed hammock has been addressed by Hennessy with their “overcover” – it’s a sheet that fits abo e the net, and has a hole above where your head lies to help vent condensation. That, plus Shug’s condensation bib, should keep the ice off of you.

    Great article – thanks for putting it up!

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