Make Your Own Double-Sided Stuff Sack

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Make Your Own Double-Sided Stuff Sack

I drew up these instructions when my Boy Scout troop decided to make their own hammocks. Stuff sacks are an easy do-it-yourself project with minimal sewing skills. I often have enough left over material from other projects to scrap together a stuff sack, but you can purchase all the materials from your local fabric store or online. I found all my material from

If you’re not into sewing, but you are in the market for a double-sided stuff sack, I highly recommend the Jacks “R” Better Speed Sacks.

DIY double-sided stuff sack


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  1. Great idea and easy instructions. Thanks!

  2. Joe says:

    Would an asymmetrical tarp, like the ones outlined at DIY Gear Supply, fit in the large stuff sack or would you recommend making two stuff sacks, one for each side?

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