Pitching the Grand Trunk Funky Forest Tarp for Harsh Weather

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6 Responses

  1. Ellis Delahoy says:

    What is the weight on this tarp?

  2. Jeffery Gosnell says:

    I noticed GT has stopped making this tarp and now only offer a 10×10. Glad I bought mine a year ago! ~Goose

  3. Marcus Chen says:

    HI been thinking either to choose a DD 3×3 tarp or a GT Funky tarp. Which is better in your opinion? Is the grand trunk able to use for floor shelter if required? thanks

    • Derek says:

      By “floor shelter” do you mean a ground cloth, or as a tarp? I rarely recommend using any tarp as a ground cloth simply because it is too easy to get rips and holes punctured in the fabric. Yes, both of those tarps can be used as ground cloths but I shudder at the thought 🙂

      On the other hand, both can be used for tarp camping easily. The GT Funky Forest Tarp has multiple tie-outs, which makes it easy to apply some origami tricks to make different styles of shelters.

      • marcus chen says:

        Sorry I mean as in use as an emergency ground shelter. Means if I cant hang/no place to hang and to the trap as a lean to/a frame

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