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Rigging A Tarp With Dutch Hooks

A friend of mine, Sgt. Rock, asked if I would throw together an illustration showing an alternate method for using DutchWare Dutch Hooks on tarps. This is a very simple method that is lightweight and quick to set-up. You can use this as either two end-only ridge line tie-outs or with a continuous ridge line.

On The Ends Only

2 Dutch Hooks
2 Prusik Loops (~18 inch continuous loops)
Line (braided mason line, Zing-it, or other cordage) — I would use between 10–12 ft. (3–4 m.) on each side.

Tie or splice the Dutch Hook to one end of each line. On the other side, attach the Prusik knot. The Prusik is then attached to the ridge line via a Lark’s Head knot or with a micro carabiner (optional).

Continuous Ridge Line

2 Dutch Hooks
3 Prusik Loops
Line   — I would around 30 ft. (9 m.) of line.

Tie or splice one (1) Dutch Hook to one end of the line. On the opposite end of the ridge line cord, add a Prusik with a Dutch Hook attached. In the middle of the line, add the additional two (2) Prusik loops. These two middle loops attach to the tarp with either a Lark’s Head knot, micro carabiners, or two more Dutch Hooks.

UPDATE: I added a drawing to show how you can achieve the “V” with this set-up to avoid hammock/tarp suspension collisions.

Tarp with Dutch Hooks


4 thoughts on “Rigging A Tarp With Dutch Hooks”

  1. I am 66 years old, very active and continue to hike the AT. Your web is very enlightening. Lots of indepth ideas on hammock rigging . I have not tried a hamock but I will now . Looks more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

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