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Pitching A Tarp With Dutch Hooks and Prusik Knots

My friend Sgt. Rock asked if I would illustrate how to use the Dutch Hook and a Prusik knot. This illustration shows end-only tie outs for the ridge line, but you could easily use a full-length ridge line with Dutch Hooks if you desire. The only change would be to attach one Dutch Hook to the line with a Prusik. In this way, you would clip one Hook to one anchor point and the opposite side would be adjusted with the Prusk attached Dutch Hook.


Pitching a tarp with DutchWare Dutch Hooks and Prusik Knots

2 thoughts on “Pitching A Tarp With Dutch Hooks and Prusik Knots”

  1. Looking at how you would do the Lark’s head to a fastened D-ring with prusik, I came up with two options neither are quick or smooth to tie.

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