Rubber Band Tarp Line Tensioners

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  1. Nice idea I usually use shock cord instead of rubber bands but that would work in an emergancy pretty well.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, I completely agree. I use shock cord as well for permanent use in the field. One thing I like about the band method is the continuous loop and using the double sheet bend — it seems more secure than the clove hitch I usually use.

  2. Justin Nelson says:

    As usual your illustrations are amazing. I just made my first set of tensioners and wish I had had this illustration then! Will have to remember the rubber band idea for emergencies. I wonder if they would be lighter then shock cord and just how long a trip I could get them to last?! OOOPPPSS my SUL background is showing again.
    Thanks for another great illustration and your book has really helped my hammock camping transition.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks Justin! Yes, the rubber bands are a temporary solution, but they work. With bigger, stronger bands it could be a permanent solution.

      • Kay says:

        As an alternative to the rubberband I recommend Thera-Band® Tubes (the small diameter ones in beige or yellow) or if you are on a budget the chinese knockoffs from Hongkong will do just fine. I use them for my slingshots and they are incredible sturdy and longlasting if not stretched longer than 300% the initial lenght.

  3. Ants :) says:

    A solution to long-term exposure to sun is to use tyre rubber, or more specifically, the chamber rubber. that things last thousands of years in the open and takes a lot of abuse.

    • hugbear says:

      … and if all you’ve got is bike inner tube (which is too narrow to yield a manageable loop), all is not lost! Just cut it at an angle. The shallower the angle, the longer the loop.

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